UK Products

GroupProduct NameCurrent single
pack size
Active IngredientLabelMSDSLabel ext
BUGGY XTG10KGGlyphosate 36% w/w WGLabelMSDS
BULLDOG (+compatability info click here)10LPendimethalin + Diflufenican 313:16 g/l CSLabelMSDSYES
GORGON (+compatibility info click here)5LFlufenacet 480g/l SCLabelMSDS
MOHAWK CS(+ stewardship info click here)(+ comptability info click here)1LClomazone 360g/l CSLabelMSDS
MOST MICRO10LPendimethalin 365g/l CSLabelMSDSYES
RAIKIRI5LMesotrione 100g/l SCLabelMSDS
SOLO 500 SC1L Diflufenican 500g/l SCLabelMSDS
SIRTAKI CS(+ stewardship info click here)(+ compatability info click here)3LClomazone 360g/l CSLabelMSDS
VOLCAN COMBI5LChloridazon + Metamitron 300:280 g/l SCLabelMSDS
FUNGICIDESGRECALE5LCymoxanil + Fluazinam 200:300g/l SCLabelMSDS
FEZAN (+compatability info click here)5LTebuconazole 250g/l EWLabelMSDS
FEZAN PLUS10LTebuconazole + Chlorothalonil 60:166g/l SCLabelMSDS
LIETO(+ compatibility info click here)4.5KGCymoxanil + Zoxamide 330:330g/kg WGLabelMSDS
MIXANIL10LCymoxanil + Chlorothalonil 50:375g/l SCLabelMSDS
PERSEO10LAzoxystrobin + Chlorothalonil 68:233g/l SCLabelMSDS
ROVER 500 (+ multiple applications bulletin here)10LChlorothalonil 500g/l SCLabelMSDSYES
SIPCAM C50 WG1KGCymoxanil 50% w/w WGLabelMSDS
INSECTICIDESBALLIOL1LLambda-cyhalothrin 100g/l CSLabelMSDS
SPARVIERO1LLambda-cyhalothrin 100g/l CSLabelMSDS
FERREX (click on logo to left for more info)
18KG2.5% w/w of anhydrous ferric phosphate (3.1% w/w hydrous ferric phosphate)LabelMSDS