Umostart is a microgranular fertiliser developed to provide nutrients precisely where they are needed at the time when they are most valuable – at plant establishment.

Umostart has been used successfully with maize, oilseed rape, winter cereals, potatoes and root crops.

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The benefits of using Umostart include:

  • 25 x more P available to the plant
  • precise placement gives high plant uptake
  • low application rates cut residues and leaching
  • significant savings on transport and storage

A short summary presentation is available here

Use in maize

Umostart has been used successfuly on maize in the UK for over 10 years. Results from UK trials have indicated improved organic matter digestibility, higher starch, sugar and dry matter content when Umostart is used to give maize a better start.

In a replicated trial in 2012 increases in DM yield of over 30% were observed. Thanks to better rooting, crop maturity was reached sooner and so starch yields also increased.

For more details on Umostart and maize see our presentation and leaflet.

Use in oilseed rape

Oilseed rape is often drilled when soil temperatures are at their highest and soil moisture levels at their lowest but whatever your chosen method of planting, before winter sets in the aim is to achieve large deep rooted plants which provide good ground cover.

No two seasons are the same, but it is always important to optimise crop establishment and get it off to a flying start.

Umostart encourages rapid root growth and development, giving your plants every chance of meeting that all important winter deadline, whatever the weather.

For more details on Umostart and oilseed rape see our presentation and leaflet.

Use in cereals

In 2013 independent trials of Umostart on spring barley found that Umostart-treated crops had improved root weight, top weight, crop vigour, root length and protein content.

In trials conducted by Oxford Agricultural Trials on winter wheat found that crops treated with Umostart had increased yield per hectare and plant density.

For more details see our presentation on Umostart and cereals.

Use in onions

In 2012 and 2013 independent trials found that onions treated with Umostart showed a 22-24% increase in yield by weight and a higher proportion of bigger bulbs compared with the standard treatment.

For more details see our presentation on Umostart and onions.

Use in potatoes

Potatoes treated with Umostart show improvements in tuber size uniformity which leads to increased marketable yield and reduced wastage. Umostart-treated crops also showed a reduction in scab.

2012 trials showed that the Umostart-treated potatoes had increased tuber numbers and total yield by weight.

For more details see our presentation on Umostart and potatoes.

Application techniques and machines

Umostart is compatible with a wide range of application techniques and machines making it easy to add Umostart to your growing process.

For more details please see our presentation.


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