BLACKJAK is a concentrated suspension of Leonardite with a high content of humic, fulvic, ulmic acids & humins that is suitable for soil (broadcast, band, drip) and foliar application. It can be used alone or mixed with a wide range of plant protection and plant nutrition products. As a soil or foliar application it promotes increased root development, improved nutrient uptake and greater photosynthesis efficiency. Its naturally acidic pH enables growers to use with acidic fertilisers and is used to […]

Efficient N

EFFICIENT has been specifically formulated for foliar applications: simply diluted in water, or in mixtures with agrochemicals. It is easily absorbed by crop canopy, with no leaf injury, giving both a prompt and progressive fertilising effect. In mixtures with agrochemicals, it has high wetting and spreading characteristics, increases crop protectant persistence after untimely rains and overtop irrigation, and reduces spray drifting.

K Express

K Express ZF is a fertiliser with a very high K content which is available for rapid absorption by the leaves and the roots of the plant .There are no antagonism problems with water with a high Ca content. Usage during key stages (growth, setting, maturation) increases the plant resistance against climatic stresses (cold, drought etc), increases the fruit dimension and accelerates the physiology of maturation, like sugar or oil synthesis, colour and flavours.


Pearl is a water dispersible micro-granule developed as a highly soluble formulation. With activated lignin sulphonates* the fertiliser will supply both Potash and Magnesium with high percentage Boron and Zinc. Pearl will support grain, seed, fruit and tuber development and helps plants overcome temporary deficiencies when uptake is low. *Activated Lignin Sulphonates: Natural vegetable products with equal to or better complexing efficacy as EDTA with no toxicity issues.


Water Dispersible granules containing 9% N, 54% P2O5, 6% K2O, 0.1% Fe, 0.05% Mn, 0.05% Zn, 0.05% Cu, 0.5% B Highly soluble formulation with activated lignin sulphonates- natural vegetable products with complexing efficacy equal to or better than EDTA with no toxicity issues. Concentrated source of nutrients, no water to transport.



Umostart is a microgranular fertiliser developed to provide nutrients precisely where they are needed at the time when they are most valuable – at plant establishment. Umostart has been used successfully with maize, oilseed rape, winter cereals, potatoes and root crops.