BLACKJAK is a concentrated suspension of Leonardite with a high content of humic, fulvic, ulmic acids & humins that is suitable for soil (broadcast, band, drip) and foliar application. It can be used alone or mixed with a wide range of plant protection and plant nutrition products. As a soil or foliar application it promotes increased root development, improved nutrient uptake and greater photosynthesis efficiency. Its naturally acidic pH enables growers to use with acidic fertilisers and is used to reduce the pH in alkaline solutions. BLACKJAK can be used on cereal crops, oilseed rape, sugar beet, fodder beet, beetroot, maize, grassland, potatoes, carrots, onions, vegetables (indoor & outdoor), vineyards, orchards (pome fruits, stone fruits), strawberries and turf.

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A Superior Formulation

Unlike standard humic acid products, Blackjak uses an innovative processing technique which increases the Total Humic Extract whilst retaining more of the beneficial fractions of Leonardite which can be degraded using chemically processed methods. The innovative processing technique also has the additional benefit or retaining some of the beneficial fractions which are otherwise lost, whilst increasing the surface area of the active components for better coverage and increased uptake. As Blackjak is formulated using a  physical process and not using harsh alkaline chemicals, the end product has a natural pH of around 4-5 which aids plant uptake and tank mix compatibility.



The Benefits of Blackjak


The benefits of Blackjak start with the roots. Scientifically proven to enhance root systems, Blackjak increases metabolic processes involved with root structure, increasing root length, root density, number of fine root hairs and more… With a stronger root structure, crops are better equipped to uptake moisture and nutrients, especially in dry seasons or in crops such as maize or potatoes where wide rows and limited nutrient mobility can restrict the crops access.

Blackjak has demonstrated in a number of crops its ability to enhance crop establishment, increasing numbers of shoot or tillers early season. With a strong root system and increased crop vigour, crops are stronger and healthier going into the season.

In over 95% of UK trials, when used at the recommended dose rate and timing, Blackjak has increased yield and quality in multiple crops.


Recent UK Trials


Two years of potato trials in Poland in 2020 and 2021, where Blackjak was applied in-furrow, resulted in a mean of 8.7t/ha yield increase compared to the untreated over the two seasons.

In 2022, Sipcam UK repeated this work using several rates of Blackjak in a replicated plot trial based in Lancashire. The Blackjak was applied in-furrow, sprayed onto the tuber as it was planted into the row using a commercial 2 row planter.

Prior to tuber development several plants were pulled up from representative plots to assess the root density benefit of 2 rates of Blackjak as can be seen below:




The harvest results from the trial showed a single application of 2L/ha improved crop yield by 3t/ha, this was further increased using the recommended dose of 3L/ha which improved the yield by 10t/ha


Repeated in 2023, on lighter soils in Perthshire, Blackjak once again proved a yield benefit with 3L/ha achieving a 9t/ha yield increase versus the control and the higher rate of 4L/ha resulting in a 14t/ha uplift


In 2023, Blackjak inclusion in maize programmes provided increased yield.

The below trials data, taken from Ireland shows that including Blackjak at 2 x 1L/ha, pre-emergence and early post-emergence increased fresh yield by over 6t/ha and when used at the recommended 2 x 2L/ha Blackjak increased yield by over 11.5t/ha





Winter Wheat

A winter wheat split field trial based in Peterborough received a 2L/ha application of Blackjak pre-emergence with the growers herbicide.

Preliminary results have shown increased rooting, increased tillering and stronger/thicker stems following the application of Blackjak.

Untreated control (Left) Blackjak 2L/ha (right)