Efficient N

EFFICIENT has been specifically formulated for foliar applications: simply diluted in water, or in mixtures with agrochemicals. It is easily absorbed by crop canopy, with no leaf injury, giving both a prompt and progressive fertilising effect. In mixtures with agrochemicals, it has high wetting and spreading characteristics, increases crop protectant persistence after untimely rains and overtop irrigation, and reduces spray drifting.

It is an ideal Nitrogen source to increase protein contents of cereals, grain legume, and forage crops. It is applied to fruit and olive trees, and vineyard to correct plant Nitrogen status, both by foliar treatments and soil band (across the row) applications, these latter also with soil herbicides.



Efficient N – Maize 1

Efficient N – Maize 2

Efficient N – Potato

Efficient N – Oilseed Rape

Efficient N – Milling wheat

Efficient N Product Snapshot 2024