K Express

K Express ZF is a fertiliser with a very high K content which is available for rapid absorption by the leaves and the roots of the plant .There are no antagonism problems with water with a high Ca content. Usage during key stages (growth, setting, maturation) increases the plant resistance against climatic stresses (cold, drought etc), increases the fruit dimension and accelerates the physiology of maturation, like sugar or oil synthesis, colour and flavours.

Increases the poliphenolic compound in grapes and olives. The chemical and physical characteristics increase the sugar translocation from leaves to the fruits at maturation time. K Express ZF can be applied by foliar application or by drip irrigation to all crops which have high potash needs.


K Express – soil water deficits & nutrients April 2019

K Express Maize Leaflet 20190102

KExpress Potato Leaflet_Final_GH15112017

KExpress OilseedRape Leaflet Final 20171127GH