Stilo Verde

STILO VERDE is a 100% natural amino acid biostimulant from vegetative sources boosted with Manganese (Mn) and Zinc (Zn) to improve the plants resistance to stress and aid recovery. Created from the enzymatic hydrolysis of selected vegetal sources and enriched with nutrients, STILO VERDE will increase the crops resilience to abiotic stresses such as drought, extremes in temperature, frost and spray damage improving vegetative growth, yield and quality.

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Stilo Verde Product Snapshot 2024

Stilo Verde in trials

The summer of 2022 will be remembered for the extreme hot and dry conditions faced by most growers.

One crop which suffered particularly badly was sugar beet. A combination of location and soil type, often very light, sandy soils, increased the stress placed on the crop throughout the growing period.

Sugar beet crops looked very patchy and suffered in the hot and dry conditions


Sipcam UK used the opportunity of some stressed crops to evaluate in field, the stress reduction effect of Amino Acid biostimulant Stilo Verde.

Trials results from southern EU countries, where conditions are typically similar to those seen in the UK in 2022, showed the positive effect of applying Amino acids throughout the stress period of the crop.

2 applications of 2L/ha Stilo Verde were made to coincide with a typical fungicide timing in sugar beet in replicated small plot trials in Cambridgeshire and Nottinghamshire.

Trial one in Cambridgeshire suffered the most from the drought conditions, with final yields around half what is typically expected. Whilst a fungicide wasn’t required, the “greening effect” of a fungicide application did seem to improve the yield of the crop over untreated, whilst Stilo Verde managed to recover some of the yield lost, increasing total yield by 9.7t/ha.

When 2L/ha of Stilo Verde was applied in mixture with the fungicide, the overall yield increased by 13t/ha!

Sugar yields increased inline with the overall yield.

Trial Two in Nottinghamshire did see some periodic rainfall and so suffered less than trial one, with untreated yields slightly back on a typical beet yield for this farm. Again, in this trial, Stilo Verde was able to recover some of the losses, and improved the yield over untreated by over 10t/ha.

No fungicide treatment was applied in this trial.