Sipcam UK are looking forward to attending this event again  & our stand will be in Hall 1 Stand No 174. We will be promoting our range of fungicides & nutrition products. Please pay us a visit to see how these & other products may be of benefit to your business.


The sell out/use up period for all chlorothalonil containing products has been published by CRD. Authorisation ends: (a) 20 November 2019 for sale and distribution & (b) 20 May 2020 for the disposal, storage and use of existing stocks. Full details can be found at the link .


As part of the chlorothalonil task force Sipcam have championed the use of chlorothalonil in UK agriculture particularly in cereal fungicide disease control where the threat of resistance to other actives is a constant risk, and alternative products are limited. We have fought hard on a European level to retain this key active but regrettably the EU Standing Committee voted for non-renewal of chlorothalonil approval. The use up/sell out period has yet to be defined, and so the use of this key […]


Sipcam’s microencapsulated clomazone herbicide products Mohawk CS & Sirtaki CS can be used on a wider range of crops than before and no longer have a 10m non-target plant buffer zone. Peas, beans and carrots are added to the labels which already included winter and spring oilseed rape and potatoes. In addition to removal of the buffer zone the hazard phase has been removed from the labels. Technical update sheets can be found for Mohawk CS and Sirtaki CSRevised labels will […]


Sipcam will be attending the Croptec Show again this year at the East of England showground on the 28th & 29 November, so please pay us a visit to discuss our latest product developments. We are in our usual spot in Hall 1 stand number 176. Pre-register for your free ticket to CropTec 2018 via the link to this graphic, or for further show details click the link .

Get oilseed rape off to a flying start

Sipcam has a number of nutrition products in their portfolio that can assist in getting oilseed rape established. Details & latest information on Umostart, Pearl & Tokio can be found on our nutrition page.

Sipcam UK announces new Technical Manager

Sipcam UK is pleased to announce that Stewart Woodhead has joined the team, as Technical Manager and Development Lead for the UK & Ireland. Stewart started out in field trials and has since gained considerable experience in various roles across the agricultural industry at both farm and manufacturer level. He will both guide our development projects and help our customers and partners, to offer solutions and maximise benefits from the Sipcam portfolio.

Avoid N deficiencies with Efficient N

With the recent wet weather crops are in danger of developing N deficiencies. Heavy rain washes away soil mineral nitrogen and applied nitrogen, causing problems as crops start rapidly growing. Sipcam’s Efficient N is a combination of readily absorbed N in both the ureic and urea polymer forms designed to support strong and healthy crop development. Ureic N is readily converted to protein for growth, whilst Polymer N releases N as crops mature. For more details click .

Rover 500 M15496 – No Restriction on Number of Sprays

A number of recent technical communications on cereal disease control have correctly stated that some brands of chlorothalonil may only be applied twice to a crop. Some of these sources have advised that growers need to switch brands in order to apply  chlorothalonil as they may wish within their programs.This is an inconvenience with some brands and unnecessary to users of Rover. For more details go to our products page or click


The current cold & wet weather conditions are putting over wintered crops under stress which will impact on nutrient uptake, causing the potential for reduced photosynthesis increased disease & ultimately yield loss. Oilseed rape is particularly susceptible to boron deficiency in these circumstances, so an application of Pearl 0-0-18, 6 MgO, 6S 6B, 1.5Zn at 2kg/ha is ideally suited to providing the nutrients required to maintain healthy growth this spring. For further details go to our nutrition page or click […]