Sipcam UK announces new General Manager

Sipcam (UK) Ltd is very pleased to announce that Rob King has joined the company as General Manager. Rob brings a wealth of experience having worked both in the UK and across international crop protection markets over a period of more than 30 years. Previous roles have included leading Adama UK for the last 7 years, International roles at Cheminova and Fine Agrochemicals and UK domestic sales and marketing with Cyanamid, Koppert and Schering Agriculture. Rob is an Applied Biology graduate from the University of Bath and currently resides in Cheltenham.


Rob is enthusiastic to join the Sipcam UK team following engaging discussions with senior company managers. As a privately owned company, Sipcam Oxon shows an important mix of longer term ambition alongside the need to satisfy customers today. The UK team has warmly welcomed Rob and he looks forward to a positive future with Sipcam UK.