We are all acutely aware of the dangers posed within the agricultural environment. Whether it is transport and machinery, working at height or livestock that poses the threat, danger is never far away. Recent figures from the HSE reveal that agriculture has the worst rate of worker fatal injury per 100,000 workers than any other main industry sector, with a five-year average injury rate 21 times higher than the all-sector average.

With such an alarming statistic, the last thing we want to do is expose our children to such high risk. It may not be the PTO, the half-tonne beast, or the patching up the roof that is a concern for our pre-teens (for now). It is, however, a straw bale climbing frame, a silo hide-and-seek, or a bike track of treachery around the grain store that pose just as much, if not more ‘innocent’ threat. Let’s face it, the last thing you want to do is stop your kids enjoying the freedom of the farm. A privilege that Sipcam UK’s Will Nicholls was lucky enough to enjoy when growing up and one he cannot wait to bestow on his little ones. He admits, there are one or two things he got up as a youngster that would be of concern now a parent himself, but agrees the adage of “How are they ever going to learn if they are not exposed to it themselves?” rings true both in farm and everyday life.

Why should we deny the future of British agriculture an opportunity to learn the ways of the farm? Afterall, the best way to understand is to watch and practice, something you can’t do from your bedroom or a tablet screen. The point is, it is not about stopping young ones enjoying the farm and getting involved but about doing it safely.

As being struck by farm vehicles is one of the leading causes of injury and death in agriculture, Sipcam UK are keen to support farm safety campaigns with particular focus on future generations. With the road safety mantra of “Be safe, be seen” never truer than on farm, we have 100 children’s high-viz jackets to give away, with sizes ranging from age 4 to small adult. By clicking the banner below and registering your interest at you can be on the list to receive a high-viz safety vest for your little one to wear this harvest and beyond.