Fast & reliable establishment of oilseed rape in the late summer has always been the priority goal for growers. Pressure to achieve this has never been greater with pest & other factors conspiring against farmers producing a decent crop stand going into the winter.

One area often neglected in the race to get a crop established is the use of a starter fertiliser. Recent work by NIAB TAG has shown how beneficial this can be under current conditions, they say:

Application of starter fertiliser is essential to help establishment of the crop. DAP is particularly effective, particularly if placed with the drill rather than broadcast, at a 30 kg/ha equivalent N dose. We have seen good responses to this even in relatively high P index soils.

The use of Sipcam’s microgranule starter fertiliser Umostart has significant advantages over traditional approaches in terms of higher work rates, reduced compaction and cost. Higher concentration and placement with the seed facilitates better faster nutrient uptake in the key establishment period.

Used in oilseed rape at 10-15kg/ha for a number of seasons Umostart gives better rooting and establishment to maximise crop potential. More details can be seen on the Umostart page here.

For more information please get in touch either with us at Sipcam UK (see contact page) or our distributor Procam.