Avoid N deficiencies with Efficient N

With the recent wet weather crops are in danger of developing N deficiencies. Heavy rain washes away soil mineral nitrogen and applied nitrogen, causing problems as crops start rapidly growing. Sipcam’s Efficient N is a combination of readily absorbed N in both the ureic and urea polymer forms designed to support strong and healthy crop development. Ureic N is readily converted to protein for growth, whilst Polymer N releases N as crops mature. For more details click .

Rover 500 M15496 – No Restriction on Number of Sprays

A number of recent technical communications on cereal disease control have correctly stated that some brands of chlorothalonil may only be applied twice to a crop. Some of these sources have advised that growers need to switch brands in order to apply  chlorothalonil as they may wish within their programs.This is an inconvenience with some brands and unnecessary to users of Rover. For more details go to our products page or click